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U-earth is an international company, based in Switzerland and Italy, specialized in a revolutionary air purification system for professional use, based on the science of biotechnology and supported by several scientific pubblications worldwide.
Our team of Air Quality Specialists is dedicated to the creation of Pure Air Zones, solving air contaminantion problems in commercial, industrial and medical sectors.
U-earth's commitment is to make the AIR in the world cleaner and safer, since it is the most important element for human health and therefore a right for eveyone.
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#SMOGfighter campaign
Making the world a better place is a very hard job. 
The hardest part is to convince companies and politicians that Pure Air HAS TO BE PROVIDED as a standard, just like it happened with drinkable water and WIFI.
The only way we can make this happen is if we gather the social media attention around the topic and have A LOT of people saying #SMOGfighter.
Just imagine Celebrities, changemakers, ordinary people and visionary companies joining for a great cause : PURE AIR TO BREATHE in schools, hospitals, airports, factories, hotels, offices, public spaces, gyms, restaurants, museums, train stations, subways, and citie ...

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