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3 ways a biotech anti-pollution mask can save your life.

At U-earth biotechnologies dealing everyday with air pollution problem solving, has made the reseach and development team aware of the terrible consequeces of exposuse to outdoor contamination on human health.

Air pollution kills more than AIDS and Malaria put together. The numbers released from the World Health Organization in 2012 on air pollution speak very clearly: 1,78 billion people in the world are currently breathing unsafe air and 1 on 8 premature deaths are caused by air pollution.

Volatile Organic Compounds, viruses and bacteria, pollution from traffic are amongst the worse contaminants you are exposed to, wihout mantioning fine dusts generated by sand storms and haze.

People living in urban settings should seriously consider changing their behaviour in order to protect themselves from outdoor air pollution.

Unfortunately most of them either are not aware of the problem, or they don't wear a face mask because they are too embarrased for how it looks.

On top of this, most anti-polluntion masks are not effective on the finest contaminats and, most of all, they don't destroy pollution but only just block it.

This is very dangerous, expecially when dealing with viruses and pathogenic bacteria contamination in crowded places such as hospitals, airports, subways.

All crowded places are exposing you to potential diseases which can be easily avoided just by adopting the best practice of using a good anti pollution face mask / respirator.

U-earth biotechnologies, a company leader in biotechnology for air purification, has studied the problem in order to find the way to use the science of biotechnology to improve the protection level of the current available face mask technology.

The research came up with the development of a groundbraking fabric layer, immobilized with enzymes to effectively screen and destroy the captured pollution.

The result is a brand new biotechnology face mask called U-Mask.

The exclusive U-Ox® BIO-ACTIVE TM Layer inside U-mask performes tremendously more effectively than the nearest competitor which uses replaceble activated carbon cloth or surgery medical masks.

The current competitors face masks are mostly made by a membrane of different pieces of cloth placed on your face.

This is , basically, like "sweeping the problem under the carpet."


This is main reason why U-earth biotechnolgies research and development team started looking for a solution for face masks.

Because of its unique ingredients, U-Ox® proprietary formula enzyme compound BIO-degrades the harmful compounds, viruses and pathogenic bacteria instead of simply filtering them.

The U-Ox® bio-active layer is designed to remain active up to one year of discontinued use after opening the package.

This said, let's see how a biotech anti pollution mask has improved the current available technology :


once trapped into the mask pathogenic bacteria and viruses remain trapped into the layers of cloth of the mask and because of the heat and humidity of the breath they are prone to gladly survive.

U-mask internal biotech U-Ox® Bio-Active layer will recreate the conditions found in U-earth's groundbreaking air purifiers, AIRcel, proven to capture and destroy 99% of airborne viruses and bacteria in hospitals.


when jogging on the road, riding your bike or motorcycle, or simply walking in urban environments, you are constantly exposed to fumes and vaporus emissions from traffic.

Carbon Monoxide, heavy metals, black carbon and SOx and NOx compounds exposition should be taken in serious account !

U-earth is specialized in industrial air purification, therefore dealing whith those pollutants is a normal task for us to destroy in urban concentrations.

U-mask will protect you activity and make your outdoor experience safe and enjoyable.


Fine dust coming from sand storms should also be taken in very serious consideration.

Sand storms carry superfine particles, under 0,3 microns down to a few Amstrongs, which enter into your system and are are able to cross your Blood Brain Barrier, accumulating in your brain over the years.

U-mask creates an internal proprietary phenomena we called " molecular charge attraction", well studied and explained in U-earth air purifiers, for which e particles too small to be filtered by a membrane get trapped and held.

Note that U-mas is reusable and therefore can be gently whiped from external dirt lasting for hundreds of hours.

The idea behind U-mask id the creation of a wearable Biotech Air Purifier.

On top of this, in order to make a face mask a gadget just as precious and good loking as a scarf or a tie, U-mask has a whole set of stilish covers which can be worn on the basic face mask in oder to match you outfit's style.

In order to make the technology imediately accessible to everyoune, U-mask can be purchased online HERE and shipped worlwide.

Don't miss the chance to look stilysh while effectively protecting your health with the firs biotech mask in the world, but most of all, protect your health from air pollution !!!

If you have more questions or you need more informations please contact U-mask customer service and SUBSCRIBE to U-mask newsletter to get updated with the lastest news.

U-mask, pure inspiration.

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