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Sewage odor management is possible: Como success story

Case study on how biotechnology has eliminated odor complaints from sewage treatment plant in the middle of town.

Como, Italy. October 13, 2015 – Breathing clean air even in industrial environments, protecting workers from environmental fugitive emissions and simultaneously eliminating odors emitted outside, today is a reality than can be easily implemented through the latest generation of powerful biological systems for air purification.

There is a great difficulty of many industrial plants in curbing emissions of odors migrating outside the plant, which sometimes lead to the extreme solution of the plant closure by the local authorities on the basis of complaints of surrounding citizens. Today the theme of odor containment is an emergency to be solved very quickly.

U-earth is an international company specialized in a revolutionary biotechnology for air purification in industrial, commercial and medical settings, producing a breakthrough system for the elimination of odors and all air contaminants, indoor and outdoor.

Thanks to AIRcel, the freestanding “bio-reactors”, fed by a consortium of microorganisms of natural source, certified non-pathogenic and NOT OGM, through an unprecedented phenomenon of attraction for “molecular electric charge”, the contaminants in the environment are attracted in the bio-reactors without a need of ducts which lead to the system, and digested by the microorganisms for bio-oxidation.

Said in simpler words, thanks to 20 years of research background of professor Sam Sofer at the New Jersey Institute of Technology, U-earth has created a system that miniaturizes what nature does to self-clean pollutants, using water, air and bacteria, able to attract and digest any form of pollution, whether chemical or biological, with no limit on the measure (fine dust) and type (volatile organic compounds, gases, viruses and pathogenic bacteria).


The sewage water treatment plant in the first basin of Lake Como, managed by Comodepur spa, is deployed within urban setting, bordering the town. By their nature, these types of plants, in some stage of manufacture, may emit unpleasant odors. The company has worked over the years to acquire all the possible technologies and best practices for the control of odors, in order to minimize such disruption to neighboring houses. Citizenship, for its part, has set up a Citizens’ Committee in charge of bringing to public attention the issue and communicate proactively with the company.

The main problem stems from odor emissions originating from the processing and dumping of sludge after drying.

U-earth’s air purification system has been installed in the sludge storage area, in the centrifuges zone and in the outside area of ​​transit of the vehicles entering the sewage treatment plant of Como, Italy, with the goal of reducing and contain odors inside the plant and and avoid dispersion into the city.

6 AIRcel®5000 units were installed in the plant, and 3 U-monitor devices for continuous monitoring of odorous gases and volatile organic compounds airborne were placed in topic areas to detect in real time initial baseline and pollution decrease after AIRcels were turned on.


After three months of operation, the odor emissions and volatile organic compounds outside the building were cut down by 80%. It has not been registered any further complaints from the citizens.


AIRcel® is the most powerful air purification system in the world, the only science-based biotechnology for the removal of airborne contaminants, regardless of type or size of particles.

AIRcel® realizes the simultaneous removal of bacteria, viruses, volatile organic compounds, mold, allergens, fine particles and odors.

AIRcel® has the dual ability to capture airborne contaminants, through a natural biophysical principle of “electrical molecular charge attraction”, and to destroy them through the process of bio-oxidation, creating a real Pure Air Zone.

AIRcel® has a low environmental impact: no use of chemical pollutants for its operation, no filter to be disposed.

AIRcel® does not require air ducts or punctual emissions into the atmosphere (no chimney, no acid rain).

AIRcel® is a plug and play system, modular and easily scalable to production dynamics: upgradeable if production increases and vice versa.

Used at the workplace, AIRcel® decreases health risks, increases comfort and productivity of workers.


U-monitor, u-earth’s monitoring device, measures constantly 24/7 air quality and makes available the data history collected through a web platform, accessible from any device connected to the internet at all times. The data are displayed in a user friendly manner to the reader, allowing comparison between periods, different types of contaminants, with every 5 minutes reading or daily average values, and many more extremely helpful analysis modalities. U-monitor can be also used non in conjunction with AIRcel air purifiers, as a powerful Air Quality analysis tool for every industry.

The result of the combined technologies is a quality standard which is not obtainable to date with any other technology on the market. Air quality is certified by U-Monitor, a unique system of air quality monitoring in real time developed by U-earth, which detects every five minutes the situation with respect to the categories of pollutants to be treated. The air is cleaned by AIRcel, the first and only biological air purifier for professional use on the market produced is 3 different sizes. The combination of the various devices creates what U-earth defines a “Pure Air Zone”.

“Pure Air Zone” is an eco-environmental project promoted by U-Earth, an international leader in the care of the air through biotechnology, which aims to aggregate more and more people and companies concerned about environmental protection and health, to disseminate this revolutionary system in industry, medical and commercial settings.

Many excellent companies have already adopted U-earth system in Italy and in the world, and the technology is spreading rapidly where there are problems not solvable with other technologies such as sewage treatment plants, waste treatment sites, metal machining industry, hospitals, etc. In parallel, there are companies that aim at continuous improvement of environmental standards in their offices for sustainability reasons, and create Pure Air Zones in their premises, choosing to offer their employees and customers the most valuable asset for life, pure air.

U-earth is proud to have customers such Comodepur, Buzzi Unicem, Ferrari, Teatro alla Scala in Milan, NTV Italo train, Fresenius Medical Care, Banca Fideuram, Earthcolors, and many others.

What U-earth offers not just a device, but a scientific revolution. Numerous scientific publications were also presented in Italy thanks to the continuous collaboration with the Department of Environmental Engineering of the University of Bologna and Arpa Lombardia EPA.

U-earth system has been installed at the end of the month of July 2015 at the plant Comodepur, positioned in the center of Como.

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