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Is Pure Air the future of IT innovation ?

U-earth biotechnology, leader in biological professional Air Purification gets awarded the “2016 innovation prize” from SMAU, international IT trade show, in Italy. The company has tied a partnership with Microsoft for the WW data of the Pure Air Zone project.

More than ever large multinational companies are partnering with middle-small size innovative companies with a lot of potential.

It is a Win-Win for both parties.

U-earth needs a reliable yet scalable solution to the management of the very precious Air Quality Data detected from the Pure Air Zones of the prime brands enjoying clean air in their venues. Pure Air is provided through the combination of U-monitor and AIRcel, a brake trough BIOTECH Air purifier, produced in various sizes and models, which is able to provide Pure Mountain Air Quality in Industrial, Medical and Commercial venues like no other technology currently on the professional market.

“Microsoft is more and more oriented on giving support to new projects and start-up by facilitating networking and act as promoters of remarkable innovations, and U-earth with the Pure Air Zone project is definitely one of our most exciting business cases ” says Roberto Filipelli, Sales and Business Development Director, Head of IoT Strategy in Microsoft.

The great collaboration of Microsys, one Microsoft’s best italian developers, made U-manager happen, a user friendly yet very accurate data dashboard where Air Quality data are managed, viewed and reported in the most efficient and reliable way hosted on Microsoft Azure Cloud. “It is a pleasure to work with Fabio and the Microsys team”, says Betta Maggio, ” our engineer Gabriella Motta, in charge of the U-monitor development project from the start, has the perfect support and competence she needs to develop a system on reliable foundations and open to further unlimited development.”

Hosting on Azure assures high quality data maintenance, protection, scalability and server reliability to U-earth and all the companies in the world hosting a Pure Air Zone.

In order to grow fast, strong foundations are fundamental.

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