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U-mask vs N95

Which is the best anti pollution mask in terms of protection from smog?

Most pollution mask users are confused about how one anti pollution mask is different from the other. This is actually a good point since when your health is at stake only the best applies.

In order to make you life easier here is a chart to compare U-Mask vs N95 , the most common standard used by companies like 3M, Vogmask, Respro and others to classify their masks. N95 is also used to classify respirators for medical use covering a broad spectrum of applications.

U-mask is the first face mask in the world to have inserted a BioActive layer in the replaceable filters in order to replicate the exclusive Biotech Air Purification principle of U-earth biotechnologies Air Purifiers, the most efficient professional air purifiers in the world.

Great for protection when riding a bike or a motorbike, also protects from allergies and during sand storms to protect from the microorganisms which travel in desert dust.

U-mask is sold online and shipped worldwide from www.u-maskstore.eu

Learn more on how using a u-mask can efficiently protect you from all the air contaminants by reading this article.

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