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Lawyer Seeking Class-Action Suit For 2012 Legionnaires’ Outbreak.

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There is a plague which affects all the buildings where air is treated with air conditioning. A lot of scientific literature covers the various downsides of ducted air, due to the easy nesting of microorganisms colonies in the ducts, becoming airborne while vented. One of them is a serious concern, because it kills: Legionnaires’ disease.

The bacteria become airborne and are the most dangerous outbreaks in hotels, pools, hospitals, gyms, and virtually every building which ducts air for heating and cooling. It is very difficult to detect and prevent. The only way possible to track the source of contamination is by tracing the infected patient last visits.

Legionnaires’ disease is contracted through inhalation. Water droplets that carry the bacteria are introduced through nasal passages into the affected victim(s). Some of the more dominant symptoms include coughing, fever, feeling chills and problems with the respiratory system,

The bacteria, which can be deadly, grows in stagnant or sitting water. Air conditioner systems are a breeding ground for the disease as the water removed from the environment pools in the air ducts and is not circulating.

Susceptible populations include heavy smokers, and anyone who has a weak immune system like the elderly. Legionnaires’ disease is not a contagion; it cannot be passed from person to person.

Now, there is more on the topic.

In Quebec, a report by Catherine Rudel-Tessier of the Quebec coroner’s office, involving Legionnaires’ disease, indicated that not enough was being done to combat the disease. Lawyer, Jean-Pierre Menard, is seeking permit to file a class-action lawsuit against the province of Quebec based upon the findings by the coroner after a 2012 outbreak in which 14 people died.

Local health authorities, Quebec’s Health Department, and a local teacher’s union are being charged with not taking the safety of citizens seriously. A cooling tower in a building that the teacher’s union owned was responsible for the 2012 outbreak.

The class-action lawsuit that is being sought presents the case that in the summer of 2012, there was knowledge of infection but the teacher’s union, the health department and the health authorities did not do enough to circumvent further infection. They believed they had properly cleaned the cooling towers had been properly disinfected.

Unfortunately u-earth’s air quality specialists know very well that disinfecting the ducts is a lengthy and very expensive job, inmost cases it cannot be easily carried out on the whole air duct line, and in most cases it is not enough.

In addition to the 14 people who lost their lives, 167 others suffered from symptomatic discomfort due to inhaling infected water droplets that were passed from the cooling tower through the air conditioning system.

Menard seeks compensation to the victims and families of deceased victims. He says he has a good case and that there is the possibility for remuneration. He indicates that there are telling factors that are easy to determine involving fault.

The request for class-action lawsuit stems from Menard’s impression that the health authorities did not take the incident seriously and did not perform all necessary functions to attempt to reduce the potential for an outbreak. He also indicated that he believes that the health department did not respond with appropriate rapidity and their operations were “chaotic and disorganized”.

The request was filed with the Superior Court on June 17 by Solange Allen, the wife of a man who died from the disease. Allen stated that she would have at the very least received some empathetic response to her loss from public health officials. Her opinion is that there should not have been a crisis.

Menard’s expectation once he receives permission to continue with the lawsuit, is that the victims will receive up to $6 million. A decision on whether to allow the case to be introduced to the Superior Court is expected in August, 2015.

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The problem with getting involved in a class action as the one mentioned above, is the fact of not getting the safety of citizen seriously.

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and are often confused with a common flu.


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