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the 4 best ways to avoid anti aging effects of air pollution

Avoiding air pollution on your skin and in your lungs, will bring more oxygen to your blood cells and will keep your skin more radiant and young.

Burning cole for heating, gasoline for an engine to work, a forest fire, anytime something gets burned there is a release of nano particles in the air. The direct damage from air pollution is that once inhaled, those particles will lodge into your lung tissue.

A similar process happens on the skin.

When you are walking in the street of a city like Honk Kong, Dubai, new York or London, alongside the traffic you get the exhaustion of the cars in your face plus related nano particles.

In this case the nano particles touch the surface of the skin and start bouncing around poking holes in the skin’s collagen. The result is that the skin will loose its original structure and thickness. On top of this , the toxins on the skin surface clog up causing a number of skin problems like lack of circulation ( causing dry, dull skin), acne, puffiness, wrinkles.

The worst damage air pollution is responsible for is age spots. The pollution particles sitting on the surface of the skin while in urban environments increase the amount of melanin, or “skin pigmentation” , creating dark or discolored spots.

French researchers also found that exposure to high levels of particulate is linked to suffer more easily of skin rashes and pink eye. Not to mention the skin reaction to aerosolized environmental allergens found even in the countryside, released by chemical fertilizers and pollens.

There are a few ways to limit the exposure, especially is walking in urban centers or riding a bike or a motorbike !!!!

1– when outdoor limit the exposure to the pollutants by using a good anti pollution mask. U-mask for example is the first biotech mask in the world which will filter the air you are breathing to avoid pollution build up in your lungs, and also physically screen your face from the nano particles.

2– once home go religiously though a deep cleansing of the skin ( better if with natural products) in order to remove any larger particle sitting on your face.

3– Eat heaps of anti oxidants. A diet rich of fruit and vegetables will help you fix your face. Vitamins A, C and E are the ons you mostly looking for and are found in red yellow and orange foods such as Oranges, carrots, and squash.

4- spend as much as possible time in Pure Air Environments even when indoors. The exposure to indoor air pollution such as smoke, dust, mold, chemical in paints, furniture and cleaning products and poor indoor air quality are one of the highest causes of premature aging and low productivity. Pure Air Zones will be your best choice when closing a gym , hotel, or any public space because it provide CERTIFIED pure indoor air quality. Make sure the air is treated with the best air purifiers on the market when you spend a lot of time in public spaces.

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