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With U-monitor, the revolutionary REAL TIME professional Air Quality monitoring system, you can see it on your tablet.the revolutionary REAL TIME Air Quality monitoring system, you can see it on your tablet. Launch @ Ecomondo 2015.


Torino, October 13, 2015 – KNOWING PRECISELY WHAT YOU ARE BREATHING, WHERE AND WHEN is a basic requirement if at stake is put human health. What better audience for the launch of a system so necessary as innovative than Ecomondo 2015, the international green tech trade show, held in Rimini, Italy, between November 3 and 6, 2015.

U-earth is an international company with headquarters in Italy and Switzerland, founded in 2012 with the mission to develop an exclusive US patent developed for the need of increased protection and decontamination in the event of environmental disasters and chemical and biological weapons. U-earth is the only company using this revolutionary biotechnology for PROFESSIONAL air purification, in industrial, commercial and medical settings, and is a producer of AIRcel, a powerful freestanding air purifier effective for the elimination of odors and all air contaminants, indoor and outdoor. AIRcel is now used by the best companies in the world including Ferrari, Fresenius Medical Care, NTV, Banca Fideuram, Buzzi Unicem, the Teatro alla Scala in Milan and many others.

Given the need to effectively control the progress of the contaminants in the air as preventive

diagnosis and later as evidence of the good operation of its air purifiers, the team of Air Quality Specialist U-earth developed U-monitor, the first professional system for the sampling of the major environmental parameters in real time, managed by a proprietary software in cloud, which allows the analysis of trends in air quality by specialists and the customer during the entire period of operation, through smartphones, tablets and PCs.

“How much pollution is produced during certain processing steps? How does polluted air migrate inside the rooms and with what peaks? What is the efficiency of the HVAC ventilation system, and how long it remains efficient after cleaning the filters? What happens at night or during periods of closure? Do the contaminants and odorous gases migrate outside the plant? Does the dynamic change in winter or in summer? “says Betta May, CEO of U-earth,” U-monitor turned out to be for our specialists a powerful investigative tool, which allows you to become aware of the state of Typical contaminants 24/7, with real-time updates, and then to be able to provide detailed information with respect to the real effectiveness of technologies and best practices adopted anti pollution”.

This also applies in Outdoor Environment. U-earth in fact, is proposing U-monitor to the environmental departments of European cities to be able to perform an accurate control of the dynamics of the dispersion of pollutants derived from traffic, heating and industry. An evolved and intelligent city today can measure in real time the progress of the contaminants and their efficiency in response to events such as the stop of the traffic, rain and wind, the lower night traffic, the efficiency of congestion-free zones but also the detect the values of exposure in sensitive areas such as playgrounds, schools and heritage building areas, the most affected by urban pollution.

U-monitor is being presented at Ecomondo 2015 in the U-earth biotechnologies stand in the D3 Pavilion, booth 075, where you will be able to see the device in action while measuring air quality in real time.

The core business of U-earth is to provide environments of fresh air “certified” by the continuous monitoring of U-monitor, called Pure Air Zone.

“Pure Air Zone” is an eco-environmental project that aims to aggregate more and more people and companies that pay attention to environmental protection and health, in order to spread this revolutionary system in industry, medical and commercial spaces, providing air quality at an standard which has so far not been reached. The website of the first international community for the pure air is www.pure-air-zone.com. The aim of the #IwantPUREair campaign , launched by U-earth biotechnologies to raise awareness about the importance of breathing clean air, is to gather support from individuals as promoters of the project in the form of participation in dedicated social media , and companies that want to become Pure Air Zones.

U-earth strongly supports the right for everyone to breathe pure air. Unfortunately there are no quality standard to ensure this in public spaces and therefore governments and companies are reclutant to invest in Clean Air Technologies despite the vast scientific literature on the serious damages of air pollution on human health. The young company marketing strategy relies on the support of the growing demand of the end users, the people who will enjoy the benefits of Pure Air as a standard, therefore increasing the market standard, just as it happened with WIFI connectivity availability, bypassing lengthy regulation implementation.

The use of U-earth technology is rapidly growing in cases where odor and contamination issues are not solvable wit any other technology on the market like sewage and waste treatment plants, trash transfer stations, metal machining and automotive industry, hospitals and crowded public spaces.

In parallel, many excellent companies in the world understood the power of Pure Air Zone ADV strategy, used as a powerful tool for green marketing and brand values communication. Those gold standard companies thrive to continuos improvement of the environmental goals set is their sustainability reports, and create Pure Air Zones in their working spaces, choosing to offer to their employees and customers the most precious element for life: Pure Air.


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