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La Scala di Milano, Pure Air Zone museum

When entering the Museum of the worldwide known La Scala theatre in Milano, you are welcomed by outstanding musical instruments such as virginal painted by Guaracino in 1667, a few psalteries, lutes and lyre-guitars, the Sommer fortepiano that belonged to Verdi. Around the instruments, against the wall, a 17th-century painting by Baschenis, and below it the showcase of antique instruments.

And then the bust of Verdi sculpted by Gemito in 1874, and below it, as a historical thread linkings the two La Scala protagonists, a portrait of Piermarini, the architect who was called by Empress Maria Teresa to build the Teatro alla Scala.

Every museum has to face the problem of air pollution in order to preserve the art from pollutants agressions which cause deterioration and need for recurrent restoration.

Air contaminants are much more aggressive on surfaces than on people, therefore in museums there is a need for even higher purification standards than the ones required for human health.

In this case the Pure Air Zone created in the museum not only provides to the visitors a safe environment, but also protects the art from premature deterioration and indoor and outdoor air pollution. Infact, museums are very delicate environments where even PPB ( parts per Billion) of contamination loads are significant.

The museum of the Teatro alla Scala, accessible from the central Foyer, is 100 years old and has a turnover of 250.000 visitors a year.

Fine art and heritage buildings are constantly challenged in their conservation from air pollutans from both internal and external sources. The current HEPA air filtering technology is inefficient on pollutants like acetic acid and super fine black carbon dust which attack the surfaces damaging them. The Museum of the Teatro alla Scala in Milano has choosen U-earth and created a Pure Air Zone to protect the very delicate paintings and priceless instruments whilst providing a clean air environment to their visitors.

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