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U-earth takes part to rescue Danube flooding in Germany

Elimination of vapors of diesel safeguards the health of rescue workers in flooded food company in Germany.

On 5 June 2013, the breaking of a dam in southern Germany, due to abundant rainfall, caused the flooding of the town of Deggendorf and many other towns.

The U -earth team of air quality specialists , invited by the German Ministry of sustainability, participated in the rescue bringing some AIRcel bio- reactors on site to help solve the most serious problems.

A local company , INNSTOLTZ , wholesale groceries, was the most serious case that our team has encountered. One of the biggest problems when a flood occurs is made by flooding the basement where the diesel tanks are usually located.

The diesel fuel leaks from the tanks floating on the water surface and forming a lake of fuel around the flooded building. When the water recedes ,the diesel is impregnated on the surface leaving a layer of fuel that releases noxious fumes for a long time (years).

Upon our arrival on site of U-earth engineers the waters had receded from the streets and the company’s staff , helped by some rescuers , was working to empty the warehouse basement ,forming a human chain , with knee-deep water, to extract everything that could be saturated with flammables as gasoline.

The air was totally unbearable and the levels of Total VOC ( Volatile Organic Compounds) , detected by the instruments of our engineers came to unacceptable values.

U-earth team installed 1 AIRcel600 air purifier as close as possible to the recovery area of the warehouses flooded and 2 AIRcel600 air purifiers in the storage areas of the goods. The systems have lowered within a few hours the diesel fumes to acceptable levels allowing rescuers to work safely.

The air purification systems are still active in the company for the complete and rapid desaturation of VOCs from surfaces impregnated .The company has been able to return to work almost normally after only a few days, limiting the damage as much as possible

German Firefighters, witnesses of the incident, are considering the adoption of U -earth air purification systems to cope with emergency situations that require containment of airborne contamination in the case of floods, fires and industrial accidents.

The German media followed the event by interviewing Innstolst owner a few days after the disaster to have a feedback on how U-earth biotechnology helped them through the recovery operations.

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