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What is IAQ ?

More and more often we hear about Indoor Air Quality (IAQ, Indoor Air Quality) . What is it, and why is it so important?

Let us explain what it’s about.

Indoor Air Quality defines air quality within and around buildings and structures by measuring the health and comfort in relation to the occupants. Obviously the IAQ is influenced by many factors. Among them we can mention:

– microbial contaminants (fungi, bacteria)

– suspended particles (fumes and dust)

– gas (such as carbon monoxide, radon, volatile organic compounds)

Indoor air quality has become a topic of great relevance for the growing number of diseases to which it is related. Estimates from the World Health Organization are clear: every year 4.3 million deaths worldwide are due to the poor quality of air in confined spaces. Each of us knows the importance of outdoor air quality, but what about the air we breathe indoors?

First of all it should be emphasized that the air we breathe is 100 times more important than what we drink and eat. On average each person consumes 3 liters of water a day and we know that what we eat affects our health. But at the same time you know that every person ingests 8000 liters of air? On the air we breathe we know little or nothing, there are no labels with the ingredients, sourcing, quality control.

Clean air is a right of everyone and an urgent need.

U-earth biotechnologies has developer a IAQ monitoring device called U-monitor, which detects all the possible contamination parameters in real time ( every 5 minutes) 24/7 to ensure you exactly know what you are breathing at any given time in all the Pure Air Zones in the world.

Learn more on how to create your personal Pure Air Zone and join with U-earth for the creation of a better world on www.pure-air-zone.com

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